What is the Assessment Roll?

Updated annually, the Assessment Roll is a listing of all assessments for all properties within the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman.

What is a Notice of Assessment?

A Notice of Assessment is an official document mailed to a property owner that contains information shown on the Assessment Roll for that property.

Will everyone get a Notice of Assessment every year?

No.  Only property owners that have a change in their property assessment or tax classification from the previous year will receive a notice of Assessment.

Why is the Assessment Roll and my Notice of Assessment important?

The Municipality encourages every property owner to review information shown on their Notice of Assessment since the value shown on it is used to calculate your property taxes.
You can only file an appeal concerning your assessment when the Assessment Roll is open for inspection.  Typically the Roll is open a minimum of 30 days from mid-May; however, in a revaluation year the Roll is open for a minimum of 60 days.
How was my assessment calculated?

For most residential homes and residential condominium properties the sales comparison approach is used to determine your assessment.  The analysis determines which residential property characteristics influence value and to what degree they influence value.

Should my assessment be the same amount as if I was to sell my property today?

In most cases, your assessment will not match your property’s selling price today since your assessment value was calculated to reflect sales values as of the most recent revaluation year, as required by The Municipal Assessment Act.  As well, your fair value assessment is reflective to the average value, determined by comparing the sales of properties with similar uses and characteristics.

I haven’t done any repairs or improvements to my property, yet my assessment went up.  Why?

Over time, property values change even if no improvements are made to properties.  Many people sell their property for more than they paid to purchase it, years earlier.  This situation can occur because of fluctuations with general economic conditions like interest rates, inflation rates or supply and demand.

What Can I appeal?

You can appeal to the Board of Revision if you feel there is an error involving:
  • Liability to taxation.
  • Amount of an assessed value.
  • Classification of a property.
  • Refusal by an Assessor to amend the assessment roll under Section 13(2) of The Municipality Assessment Act.
You cannot appeal your taxes or the services you receive.

What is the appeal process?

If you have questions about the information contained in your Notice of Assessment or feel your assessment has an error, you must first contact the Manitoba Municipal Board office at (204) 945-2941.  An assessor can explain your assessment to you and describe how they arrived at the value listed.
If you still feel there is an error after speaking to an assessor, you can submit an appeal to the Board of Revision. The Secretary of the Board of Revision must receive your appeal within 30 days after the date on which the Notice of Assessment is mailed.
A hearing will be scheduled with the Board of Revision to hear your appeal and to make a decision based on the facts presented.

*The Appeal deadline will be advertised on the back of the assessment notice.