How to Appear Before Council


Each Regular Meeting of Council meeting is limited to two delegation presentations. 

If you or your organization would like to appear before Council as a delegation, please complete and submit a Delegation Application Form.  All application forms shall be submitted to the Municipal Office at least seven days prior to the requested date for the delegation. 

The Chief Administrative Officer, in consultation with Council members, will review each application to determine if the subject matter is in accordance with the regulations set forth in the Bylaw 03-2023 - Procedure.  After review, of the application the applicant will be notified via email if the application is approved or rejected.

In situations where a delegation consists of many people, one spokesperson must be appointed for the group. 

All delegations are limited to fifteen (15) minute presentations, including questions and answers. 

Delegations are only for presenting information.  No Council decisions will be made at the meeting of the presentation, any considerations will be done at future meetings.
The dates of Regular Meetings of Council are available on the Council Meetings Calendar.


Given the public nature of Council meetings, an individual who submits an email or any other written correspondence or documentation to a member of Council or administration for a public hearing, and/or a delegation, should expect that the information, including their personal information (name and address) might be disclosed at a Council meeting and may form part of the meeting minutes of such meeting as a matter of public record.

This also means that if a copy of the correspondence or documentation presented to Council and/or administration regarding a public hearing or delegation is requested by a third party (the media) it may be disclosed.