When is the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman's taxation year?

The taxation year (Municipality's fiscal year) is the same as the calendar year, January 1st to December 31st, with the property taxes due June 30th of each year.

Is there any discount for paying early?

No, there is no discount on your property taxes for paying early.

When are tax notices mailed out?

Tax notices are mailed out by the end of June.

How are municipal property taxes calculated?

The property tax calculation is shown in the following formula:
Your Tax Assessment x (Minitonas Mill Rate or Bowsman Mill Rate or Rural Mill Rate)
Your Tax Assessment x At Large Mill Rate
Your Tax Assessment x (Borrowing Indemnity Mill Rate, if applicable)
The sum of the above calculated amounts is divided by 1,000

Taxable Assessment - This is the assessment value used as the base to calculate your property tax.
Mill Rate - After annual financial plan approval by Council, financial plan mill rates are applied to all properties. 

What is the deadline to pay my property taxes?

September 30th is the property tax payment deadline.

How can I pay my taxes?

You can make a lump sum payment before September 30th or pay monthly throughout the year.
A lump sum payment can be paid:

1.) Lump Sum Payment:
  • In person weekdays between during regular operating hours via cash, cheque, or debit card accepted.  You cannot pay your taxes by credit card.
  • Drop box drop off at the front entrance of the municipal office located in Minitonas via cheque with payment stub attached.
  • Mail to Box PO Box 9, 311 Main Street, Minitonas, Manitoba, R0L 1G0 via cheque, with payment stub attached.

What happens if I do not pay my tax bill?

If your current year’s taxes remain unpaid after June 30th, you will be charged a compounding monthly penalty of 1.25%.  If your taxes are unpaid after December 31st, your property will be declared in arrears.  Your property’s address and outstanding amount will be included in a newspaper advertisement of tax accounts in arrears in accordance with The Tax Enforcement Act.
If your account is still in arrears 60 days after the list of lands advertisement, the Municipality will register a tax lien on your property.  This action gives the Municipality the authority, under the Tax Enforcement Act, to pursue taking title of your property.  The Municipality also has the right to pursue collection options under The Municipal Act, including any or all of the following:
  • Civil action
  • Seizures of rent
  • Seizures of goods and chattels

What are the additional charges that sometimes appear on my tax bill?

Under The Municipal Act and other legislation, the Municipality can add charges to your tax account, such as:
  • Local Improvements related to paving.
  • Overdue water and sewer balances can be transferred to your tax account.
  • As well, if the Municipality must do work on your property due to bylaw violations (e.g. untidy/unsightly land, noxious weeds) the cost of this work can be added to your tax account.

Why are my taxes different from my neighbors?

Each property is assessed according to the guidelines established by The Municipal Act and The Municipal Assessment Act.  Properties have different assessments based on these guidelines.  Such things as the size, construction quality, style, condition or effective age of any buildings on your property can influence your property’s fair value assessment.

Why do I pay school taxes when I don’t have children or I am a senior?

All property owners, whether they have children attending school or not, are required by provincial law to pay school tax. Provincial legislation specifies that the funds for schools are to be collected by municipalities.  While the Municipality bills and collects school taxes, the Municipality has no jurisdiction or control over Ministry of Education mill rates.