The Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman (Municipality) is currently unable to charge water utility accounts for actual water consumption.
The Municipality utilizes the Neptune software application and water meter readers to wirelessly access community water meters, obtain water meter readings, and transfer actual water consumption data to its MuniSoft accounting system for utility account billing.  During the Fall of 2022, the Municipality’s Neptune water meter reader failed, resulting in it no longer being able to obtain water meter readings.
During 2023, the Neptune Technology Group replaced its Neptune software application with Neptune 360 Software-As-A-Service (Neptune 360).  On December 31, 2023, technical support for the Neptune software application was discontinued.

During the Regular Meeting of Council on November 21, 2023, Council approved Resolution #325-2023 whereby utility accounts would not be charged for water consumption exceeding the minimum billing amount of 1,000 gallons per month during the period in which water meter readings could not be taken.

The Municipality anticipates the delivery of the replacement water meter reader during late February 2024, which will then need to be integrated with Neptune 360 and the Municipality’s current MuniSoft accounting system.  Municipality employees will also need to be trained on how to use the new water meter reader and Neptune 360 online web portal.
The Municipality anticipates resuming consumption-based water utility billing during Q2 2024.  When resumed, water utility customer will not be charged for prior actual consumption that exceeded the 1,000 gallons per month minimum consumption rate that was being charged during the period in which water meters could not be read.